What we do?


Our lawyers have wide experience in the legal advice of all type of cases and clients, such as large M&A operations with strong environmental and energetic implications, continued counsel for the development of long-term industrial projects or the legal defense in administrative and judicial proceedings. Our clients include traded, public and private, national and foreign companies, as well as individuals with particular interests in energetic and environmental issues.

In particular, our work comprises the following types of counsel:


Legal and Regulatory Environmental Audit (Due Diligence)

We carry out legal and regulatory environmental audits of all type of economic activities where there is a particular environmental impact or where the energetic issues deem essential. We adapt the due diligence process to the particular purpose of the client, either focused on the review of the legal status of the activity or property within a wide commercial transaction (buying and selling, rental, financing transactions, etc.) or the fulfillment of a preventive legal review, that allows the client to know in first-hand the legal status of his or her activity or property, the possible existing risks and the most efficient ways to solve those identified aspects.


Legal advise in administrative and judicial proceedings

Our lawyers have wide experience in the legal advice and defence against all types of administrative procedures as well as in contentious proceedings in all instances. We challenge and defend our clients against acts, contracts and regulatory and environmental laws in a broad sense, with a high success percentage of our actions – not only in administrative cases but also within contentious/judicial proceedings-, especially in the defense of disciplinary proceedings.


M&A Operations

We advise in all kind of commercial negotiation processes, defending the interests of our clients in the environmental and energetic legal aspects of the operation. Our counsel in these operations is wide, comprising, among others, the following topics:


Projects’ Development

We have wide experience in providing legal advice for the installation and development in Spain of new economic activities of all types and sizes, as well as with the modification of the existing activities. We advise our clients from the earliest stages of the design of the project with the objective of preventing future risks that may ban or delay the development of the activity. For that, we advise, among others, in the following topics:


Closure or move of activities

We also advise our clients in the process of closure and move of activities, evaluating the previous legal situation of the activity and advising on the legal steps necessary to cease the activity in the specific location in an efficient and sustainable way, in compliance with all the applicable law and avoiding or reducing the risks of incurring in environmental, administrative or even criminal liability for this reason. We advise in the process of obtaining the permits needed and, where appropriate, in the process of restauration of the environment, collaborating with the technical teams that may be necessary for purpose.


Regulatory-Environmental Compliance

We provide legal advice to our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure an adequate and efficient regulatory compliance of all their activities with an impact on the environment or related to energy and natural resources, as well as to assure a complete defense of their rights and interests in these matters.

  • Resolution of legal consultations on compliance with the regulations applicable to the specific industrial or real estate activities with environmental impacts.
  • Advice on the implications of new regulations approved or in process at European, national, regional and local level.
  • Legal assistance in case of incidents arising in the day-to-day activities.
  • Advice on the contracting of environmental and energy services.
  • Prevention of environmental risks.