Environmental Corporate Compliance

Prevention of corporate criminal liability, regulatory compliance, maintenance or obtaining environmental certifications –ISO 14001, EMAS-.

Environmental Territorial Planning and Environmental Urban Planning

Authorization and registration; periodic controls, specific pollutants (VOCs, fluorinated gases, etc.); claims before Public Administrations and private entities.

Water . supply and wastewater discharge

Administrative titles for water capture, the discharge/spill of waste waters and for the occupation of the public water resources and maritime resources, counsel to public and private entities that are in charge of the supply to populations (high and low) and purification, as well as consumer industries with or without discharges to the integral sanitary system or to the hydraulic public domain.

Occupation of other Protected Spaces and Public Domain Assets

Forests, coastal zones, maritime-terrestrial public domain, port areas, public maritime domain rights, archeological protection areas, historical sites, etc..

Environmental Territorial Planning and Environmental Urban Planning

Climate Change and energy efficiency

Greenhouse gas emissions trading, CDM and JI projects, CO2 capture and storage, carbon sinks, ESCOs, etc...

Contaminated soils

Large experience in the preventive legal counsel for the compliance with the formal obligations by holders of lands where the potential pollution activities have carried out or are being carried out, as well as the legal defense in cases of soil pollution.

Agriculture and Food Law

Fertilizers, phitosanitary products, other products for the phitosanitary defense (fitofortificantes). Specific food industry regulations: grape and wine production, agriculture, dairy products, egg products, mineral waters, spirituous drinks.

Environmental permits and environmental impact assessment procedures.

Environmental liability processes.


In all its categories (hazardous, household, commercial, industrial, biowaste and special, SANDACH, etc.) and activities (production, possession, collection, transport, storage, reuse, preparation for reuse, recycling, other forms of recovery and disposal); circular economy; extended producer responsibility (individual and collective EPR systems); by-products and end of waste status.

Natural Areas, Flora & Fauna

Sites of Community Importance, Special Protected Areas for Birds (Red Natura 2000) National and Regional Parks, Protected Species, etc.

REACH, Hazardous Chemicals and Products

European marketing, storage, transport and labeling regulations for hazardous substances and products.