At Del Pozo & De la Cuadra we combine the excellent qualification and specialisation of our lawyers, with a close and trustworthy “lawyer-client” relationship as an in-counsel advice. The law firm and all the lawyers that form it, have values and acting principles highly rooted in our work, which characterising and identifying us as our own brand.

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High qualification

all the lawyers working in Del Pozo & de la Cuadra are excellent professionals and highly qualified. We follow a policy of direct implication (“hands-on”) in which everyone, from the most recently incorporated junior lawyer to the senior of more professional experience, study, analyse the cases and documents in full, know adequately the legislation and its jurisprudential application. We try always to achieve a meticulous work, properly analysed from all possible points of view in order to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem outlined avoiding wrong improvisations.

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Honesty and professional ethics

We must entrusted by our clients. For this reason we must demonstrate them not only that we know what we are talking about, but also that we are honest and sincere in our professional activity. The total transparency is an attribute of our acts to the client and in the view of the matters that they request us. Altogether, joined with a strong ethical commitment in our professional activity.

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Development and
professional-personal balance

People need a personal and professional balance in order to develop their intelligence and, in general, their professional life. The efficiency at work means time saving at the office and as a consequence greater availability of time for the personal development. The personal-professional balance results in the efficiency: a higher personal satisfaction, a higher efficiency, the best advice and as a consequence, the global result for the client, for the lawyer and for the law firm.

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Full and proper dedication

Each case and client takes its time of dedication, without differentiating by its invoicing or type of client and business potential. An issue accepted by this law firm entails the commitment of our team with a total dedication until its completion.

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Unity, team

Each member of the firm is special and very important to the firm. At the same time forms part of a united, coordinated and solidary team. The firm works for the full professional and personal growth of each of its lawyers, while the lawyer contributes with its knowledge and dedication for the growth of the law firm where is considered as a key element.

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We evolve

And on the basis of the previously said, we learn every day from our clients, who entrust us with the issues and the experience that we are acquiring, evolving up to the excellence with a permanent self-improvement vocation.

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Economy and efficiency

The structure of the law firm, with a reduced size and therefore fewer operating costs, allows us contain our fees in the benefit of the client. In addition to this, we adjust our professional fees up to the maximum being fully conscious of the special defining characteristics of our legal specialization in which, in many cases, the advice that is given by this law firm does not have a direct and immediate economic return from the client. From this point of view, in our opinion, to prevent environmental damages (and thus very important business costs) is simple and does not require exaggerated legal costs. Additionally, we are a team that promotes the efficiency at work, which decidedly contributes to the competitiviness of our professional fees. In accordance with our principle of maximum transparency, all the invoices issued to our clients are provided with a meticulous description of the executed work, the lawyers involved, the time of dedication of each one and the costs incurred, so that the client can previously perform the proper evaluation and approve with full confidence the payment of the corresponding invoice.

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Positivism and enthusiasm

We live critical moments that are translated into a great general discomfort. Negativity flows and obstructs the activities and performance. However, we believe that there is always a silver lining in each situation, even for the most problematic cases, which is what we look for in our advising. We propose win-win solutions. We work with a lot of illusion and enthusiasm in everything we do, mainly because we are vocational lawyers that enjoy our daily job, and we know that we are participating in a common project that grows and expands thanks to our good work.

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Proactive attitude

Our advising is not only limited to respond to the questions raised. We go far beyond and help the client in its day to day, preventing problems and looking for creative and effective solutions. Our operational work is,, from this perspective, similar to an an internal consultancy team for our clients.