Energy and natural resources

Energy markets

We have a deep knowledge of the regulatory law applicable to the Spanish energy markets, in their divisions of the electricity sector, of the natural gas, renewable energies and petroleum sector. Our advice covers a large variety of activities in these sectors, that comprises from the legal assistance in the implementation of new projects, legal audits (due diligence) regulatory for the buying and selling and/or financing of the projects and operating facilities, negotiation of contractual clauses, application of public aids, public contract processes (public procurement), as well as the legal advice against the frequent regulatory changes, the challenge of regulations and acts against the interests of the sector and its developers, defense counsel in administrative procedures, legal proceedings, etc. In particular we provide legal advice in the following aspects:


Electric Sector

We provide legal advice in the questions that arise during the process of design, installation, construction, modification and commissioning of power generation plants; cogeneration and self-consumption regime; electricity commercialization and supply consumption; electro-intensive consumers; access rights and obligations of third parties to the network, potential guarantee, wholesale market, bilateral agreements, interruptions, procedures initiate by the National Commission of Markets and the Competence (CNMC); construction and operation of distribution lines; supply problems; regulatory matters of buying and selling process and financing of electrical installations, energy efficiency (energetic services businesses); temporary occupation and expropriation processes; tariffs and tolls liquidation, agreements between agents of the market, policy changes.


Renewable Energy & Biofuels

We provide legal advice in the design, installation, construction, modification and commissioning electrical installations from renewable sources (highlighting the solar photovoltaic energy, solar-thermal, wind and hydro energy, as well as other alternative sources such as biomass, biogas, tidal, geothermic, etc.); procedures and conflicts of access and connection to the electrical network (distribution or transport); evacuation agreements between developers and holders of the network, registrar inscription for the exceptional payment of the renewable installations; incentives and tariffs applicable and liquidations; legal defense in the claim of patrimonial liability of the Public Administration as a consequence of the damages caused by the reduction and suppression of the regulated bonus and tariffs, counsel in the policy changes operated in the renewable energy sector, cogeneration and wastes; legal regime of the biofuels and legal advice to operators subjected to it.


Natural Gas

We have wide experience in the legal assistance of onshore and offshore projects of exploration, investigation and exploitation of deposits (conventional and non-conventional, ie shale gas), underground structures for gas storage, as well as projects; legal representation in Spain for foreign operators in the application of administrative permits and compliance with the minimum investment obligations, labor plans and periodical information to the operators; expropriation processes and temporary occupation processes; gas networks installations (distribution and transport); regasification plants; access to the networks contracts, gas commercialization; supply problems; gas large consumers; tolls and fees; minimum security of existences; policy changes.



Extensive experience in project legal advice upstream exploration, research and exploitation of reservoirs and subway structures for the storage of liquid hydrocarbons in Spain (onshore and offshore).onshore y offshorelegal assistance in the application of administrative permits and compliance with the minimum investment obligations; labor plans and periodical information to the operators; legal counsel against inspection and administrative sanction processes (ie. Hydrocarbons prices; consumer rights); LPG; installation, operation and buying and selling of distribution fuel networks at retailer levels (gas stations, downstream), minimum security existences of oil products.

Natural resourses

We provide legal advice in projects related to natural resources of any kind, including energy resources, renewable resources and living resources.
Moreover, we intervene in the most leading-edge projects at European level for the exploitation of natural resources offering our advice in legal issues that arise during the entire life cycle of the exploitation of the resource, from the exploration and investigation process, the exploitation phase, as well as the dismantling and closure of installations or cessation of the exploitation activity. Our lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the legislation and offer appropriate and effective legal solutions to the challenges posed by rapid technological development and compliance with ambitious environmental and climate objectives set at national and international level.
Among others, we may highlight in addition to our expertise on renewable energies:

Continental and marine waters

Advice in all types of projects related to water and marine resources. Irrigation projects; dams ; water supply and wastewater discharge; protection of marine resources (marine strategies); occupations; etc.


Projects for the investigation and exploitation of geothermal resources of low, medium, and high enthalpy.

Capture, transport, and storage of CO2

We advise our clients in projects of capture, transport, and (underground) storage of CO2 (permitting processes; legal framework) and their implications for industries which prevent CO2 emissions to the atmosphere as a consequence of their use.

Carbon sinks

Legal advice in the creation of carbon sinks through the plantation of tree species of long rotation, especially in areas degraded by forest fires; public utility mounts and private lands; agreements with the public entities involved (landowners and forestry entities); agreements on the transfer of CO2 emissions absorption rights generated; registration at the Registry of carbon footprint, compensation, and projects of carbon dioxide absorption.

Green hydrogen

Installation projects and projects for the construction of installations for the production of hydrogen from renewable resources (in particular, photovoltaic energy) and auxiliary installations (hydrogen fueling stations).


For many years, our lawyers are advising local and foreign clients in all regulatory aspects related to mining law. We also provide legal advice on mining law. We provide legal counsel to mining companies in order to obtain exploration authorizations, research permits, and authorizations and concession for exploitation (Sections A, B and C); transfers and rental of permits; legal assistance in the submission and fulfillment of the labor plans and annual restoration programs; grouping of concessions; temporary suspension of activities; expropriation and temporary occupation procedures.